scarf_lady_slide2“I love the manipulation of strong color, texture, and bold shapes to create memorable pieces of art. These works can be realistic or abstract. The subject is secondary to the interplay of these factors. The joy is in the creation not the end result.”

Lynda is a native of Florence, South Carolina. She is a Member of Excellence in the South Carolina Watercolor Society, a Signature member in the Southern Watercolor Society, a Signature member in the CPSA (Colored Pencil Society Society of America), and a member of the Portrait Society of America. She has taught art in private school and now teaches watercolor, colored pencil, acrylic and watercolor collage classes at the Lynda English Studio as well as in out of town workshops.

Lynda has been working in watercolor since 1980 and colored pencil since 1999. She has painted and drawn in a very realistic manner giving great attention to color and detail. She enjoys layering her watercolors and colored pencils to achieve strong rich colors. Her favorite subjects are ones that have strong lights and darks. She also likes zooming in on ordinary objects, bringing the viewer right up to them so that they can feel and see things that normally they would overlook or take for granted.

In recent years Lynda has become interested in oil, acrylic and collage. Much of this work has been in abstract design or abstracted realistic forms. “This has opened a entire new world for me,” English says, “as well as further manipulating these images digitally. There is so much to investigate. It is all very exciting.”