Pears on Quilt Well here it is, Pears on Quilt,  finally done after three weeks and a bit of tweeking.  Actually that was quick.  I thought the quilt would take much longer, but it was much easier than I expected.  The blue satin and getting the darks dark enough was the more difficult work.

Had thought not to enter the CPSA competition since I was so disappointed in last years judging, but I may send this one in.  Shipping out to California last year was about $300 and they wouldn’t insure it in my specially made art shipping box.  Whatever– maybe this won’t get in and I won’t need to worry about shipping to the show.  It’s just in Florida this time.

I’m off to consider a companion piece.  I AM a glutton for punishment!


Pears on Quilt

16×24, Ampersand Pastelbord