Florence-II-WebJust because I am writing the blog doesn’t mean you won’t get news from Lynda.  Really, her name is on the building!!

This series is bringing the old images from downtown Florence forward to what you might see today.  Florence I hightlights the railroad heritage.  It is a collage done with found material and acrylic, noting the establishment date of the city.  This piece is on a cradled board and is 18×15.

Florence II has a bit of collage and photo transfer (pictures of the first mayors and old city hall and auditorium on W. Evans).  She also textured the board before she began painting with acrylic and some pastel.

Lynda is in a very creative mode, having trouble sleeping.  that happens sometimes.  So you never can tell will come next.  She is talking about copper piping, wool felt and who knows what else.  Stay tuned and we’ll try to get her to take pictures of some of those steps.  Do you have a plasma cutter?