ring copyLynda English Studio will soon host a Metal Clay class taught by the renowned Brenda Branson.  One of our teachers, Debbie Melton, has just taken a metal clay class and reports that it was wonderful.  We have invited her to be our guest blogger in order to tell you about her experience.

A few weeks ago I attended a metal class.  What fun I had.  We were making a ring, something I was really wanting to learn.  I went with a friend who had never worked with metal clay, not only did we learn a lot but we had so much fun while doing it!

I knew that you could fire metal clay with a torch but had always been reluctant to try it because I was afraid of the torch!  Once I was shown how to use the torch, the doors to what I could make were flown open wide.  My friend and I decided we would get together to work with our metal clay and torch.  By trial and error we made some pendants.  After  the first couple of tries we figured out we were not as smart as we thought we were and that we really needed another class!  We did finish a couple of pieces that we are happy with and can’t wait to learn more so that the ideas that are in our head can come to life.

Debbie Melton

Thanks to Debbie for her post. Now grab a friend and sign up for the Branda Branson Workshop on Saturday, May 17.  remember you can sign up on line. Go to Art Classes, then Registration.