CP turtle WebWhile you all have been back here sweltering, I have just spent two great weeks in California, soaking up the Pacific Coast Highway atmosphere.  There was a lot of it, sunshine, clouds, fog, COOL breezes, sun, fog, but all beautiful and lots of grist for the mill.  I will tell you South Carolina Potters—-you’ve got it all over California potters.  I only saw one real pottery store and most of it was run of the mill.  A couple of days before we left Steve and I had been to the reception for Sasha Federer’s show out at Francis Marion.  Oh, what wonderful things he has done.  So good to  see him back working again and with very innovative designs.  Sasha, California needs to come talk to you, and Doug Gray, the Buffalo Gals ( if I can get them moving again) and all of our great potters in this area.

Now to the CP.  One of the reason for our trip (read excuse) was that the International Colored Pencil Competition and CPSA Convention was held in Brea (Los Angelos).  While there I took a workshop from Elliot Eversen on Drawing with Colored Pencil on Travertine Stone.  Amazing, but true, it works beautifully.  Elliot’s work consists mostly of things found in the desert since he lives in Arizona.  I knew I was not interested in drawing rattlers and lizards, but by the time we started working, I was thinging of lots of subjects I’d like to do–maybe even SC turtles.  Turtles are very popular in Charleston. It goes on pretty well, but you do spray occasional layers of Workable Fixative to get the surface to accept more pigment.  This is especially important for the very darks and very lights.   When finished with the piece you spray with lots of coats of acrylic.  That makes it durable enough for hanging without glass or placing on a small easel.  However, I’ve already had questions about doing them for a back splash or in a bathroom.  That will take a lot of testing.  There are many types finishes that can be used, this is just so new to me I don’t know all the answers yet about the pros and cons of each finish.  We are already planning for a workshop to get you all up to speed in the next session of classes, but please, let me be a student just a little longer so I’m sure of what I teach.  It is an intriguing idea–you know they’re out there everywhere.