It has been a long time since I last posted on this blog.  We have been very busy and a lot has been happening , not the least of which was a bad case of shingles that took me out of action for months. But we are back with a new blog, a new website and lots of new things to talk about.  We welcome your interest and input.

We were very happy to  be a part of the new goings on downtown, doing work that would hang in the new Hotel Florence as well as the new Victor’s.  We have been associated with Victor’s and Tim Norwood for several years and are delighted to have lots of our work hanging in their new space.  All the work in Victor’s is new, with the exception of “Joe”, a favorite of Ann Norwood’s.  He slipped in under the wire and has a place of honor right by the bar.  The real Joe  is one of the few male basket makers working in the Market in Charleston.

We are featured promimantly in Hotel Florence as well.  My grandson Stephen and I did a 4 Ft. by 14 Ft. piece, The Red Bridge, for the lobby.  It was a lot fun painting with Stephen.  It was Stephen’s first time with a palette knife and he did a great job.We assembled the frame, stretched the canvas and gessoed it right on site in Alex Palcovitch’s old studio in the Waters building. So people would come by check on our progress,  offer us vegetables, generally wish us well.  That’s hard to beat.  Stephen was particularly excited when it went up on the wall.   We’re going to give you a taste here, but you really need to go down to see it.

Red Bridge

When last we spoke I was knee deep in a large (24×36) colored pencil piece of my nephew’s wedding.  Well, I finished that by Christmas to give it to them.  It was great fun and I think they were very pleased.