It has been a long year.  Next week March 15 will mark the anniversary of our closing the doors for COVID.  I remember well making sure people had the supplies they needed for the few weeks we thought we’d be gone. Oh, you naive, optimistic children.  Lately we have been very carefully inching back open just a bit with a few small classes, Zoom, mentoring and very limited galley hours.

Today we have a big surprise! We are announcing our first in gallery workshop this year:


Join us for a wreath workshop where you will create a spring wreath. The form made from wild grapevines will be provided and you may have the choice of a circle or heart form.  Greenery, small flowers; and a bow can be added if desired.  Some greenery and flowers will be provided, but you will need to add ribbon and other flowers of your choice to complete the wreath.  When you purchase ribbon please be sure to get wired ribbon, 1.5 to 3 in. Wide and at least 9 feet/3 yards to make a full bow.

This is an in person class. Masks will be required and personal distancing.  There will be a limit of 5 students.

Teacher:  Pam Turner

When:  Saturday, March 27,  2021

Time:  9am to 12pm $30 and $15 supply fee. 

Call 843-673-9144 to sign up or for questions.  If we don’t answer try later.