To all our friends,

 certainly never thought when I sent out the last eblast in the spring saying that we would be closing temporarily for COVID, that we would not be back to normal by this time.  We’re hearing from so many that they really miss coming to the gallery.  We miss you, too and are trying to find ways to see you, but with great care.

Lynda is at the gallery for some hours on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday so that you may get art supplies or get answers to your questions.  Call 843 673 9144 to see if she is there. Please plan to wear a mask and keep your social distance. She is giving out her cell number, 843 617 9576, for emergencies. Please use it wisely.  We are keeping the art supplies stocked with your old favorites and new items that you might be interested in using.

Lynda is holding limited classes. She cleans before and after class and they have a full table for separation. Masks must be worn at all times.  Currently she has 2 slots each available on Tuesday 2-4 and Tuesday 6-8.  These are Open Studio classes and are $120 for six weeks. 

Since I (Jackie) am 10 years older than she is, I am doing Zoom classes.  No masks required but we are very distanced. Lisa Culpepper is in Kentucky.  These students are happy to see each other and I will help you get set up if you want see how it is before you sign up. The charge is $120 for six weeks. We meet from 10-12 on Tuesday.  Some of you are afraid of Zoom.  Call me at 843 621 1391, I will get you set and critique a painting you are working on so you can give it a try.

I have one other option for you. I have some students who message me with a picture to critique. I message back and forth until they think they know what to do. The charge is $10 per critique or $50 a month for unlimited critiques. During these critiques I will send other artists’ work or literature relating to the principles we discussed.  Call me at 843 621 1391 for more information or to tell me you want to sign up.

I am going to set up additional options for you to pay on line-six week class, five week class, $10 critique, $50 per month unlimited critique. The options will not have Lynda or Jackie on them.   If you don’t have pay pal, call gallery to pay.

Watch Facebook for new work from both of us.  We have been very busy since March.  If I can get my grandson, William, busy; I’ll have a new video on FB for you.

We know of many students, family and friends who have had COVID or have been quarantined. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Wear your masks and stay safe.